Columbia City is located in the United States of America. It is the capital city of the state of Columbia, having a population of about 1,390,835 and a warm and humid climate in summer and snowfall in winter. People use to go there for vacation as it is a safe place to spend time due to its street racing, Gun shows, rodeo exhibits, fine arts activities and collegiate occur in different seasons. As a lot of people visit Columbia City during vacation, so there is a great need for apartments there.

According to the web survey around 330 rooms, are for rent in Columbia City, which provide different facilities according to the financial state of the customer. Mission Point,e.t.c offer about 2 Beds, 2 Baths in about $1705-$2100 per month, similarly these resorts also charge for the room location,i.e., a room facing a grassy plot will have more rent, a room facing a swimming pool would charge a bit lower..etc. So it depends upon the location of the place. They charge about $789 per month for three beds and a bath. So it is clear that all the apartments in the Columbia City charge different prices for various facilities. Similarly, the rooms such as Aspen Walk and Emeralds Green cost about $400-$500 per month which is the lowest price in the Columbia City. These rooms offer about one bed and a bath for $500.

All apartments for rent Columbia SC offer many facilities like a park, a swimming pool, car parking, elevator, waiter services, internet facilities, a car park garage, etc. Where apartments like Stoneleigh On May, which have a moderate price, provide a park for children, a car park garage, and a pool, but they do not offer a waiter service and an elevator service. Similarly, the cheap apartments like Aspen Walk just provide an outdoor parking and not more than it. As everything depends upon the money, you are paying so in the same way these apartments also give their facilities according to the financial condition of the customer.

Moreover, if we look at the development of apartments in Columbia City, they are increasing day by day with the increase of population in the Columbia City. A Metropolitan apartment complex which is under construction in the city is said to be the most Luxurious Apartment in the city. These rooms consist of a garage of about 330 units, and the property is about 962 ft. Long stretching between NE 9 and NE 6 along the Columbia Avenue. The facade is designed with metal and bricks, with front windows and stops at street level which are facing the sidewalk along the Columbia Avenue. About 8,000 square ft. of amenities which also include the leasing office will be at street level which would be next to the garage entrance. The Apartments will separate Columbia Avenue from the garage.

So according to the facilities mentioned above of apartments it is clear that the apartments in Columbia City are well designed and well facilitated. Moreover, the development of more apartments is underway and will provide more facilities to the customers.

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